On October 27, 2020, Microsoft released an Office update, version 2010 build 13328.20292. This update is responsible for corrupting the use of Word styles by eXtyles, resulting in both paragraph and character styles’ being misapplied or dropped after a user runs eXtyles Advanced Processes. The root cause of the bug is a change in Word that causes style mappings to be corrupted when a style is deleted programmatically from a Word document.

We have notified Microsoft of the problem, and we are attempting to work with them on a fix for it. In the interim, the Inera development team is readying a solution to work around the problem. The solution will restore full functionality to all eXtyles features, except that the Remove Unused Styles feature will not work correctly with the faulty version of Word until Microsoft issues a patch to repair the bug they introduced.

Until we are able to release an update, which we anticipate will be during the week of November 23, we recommend the following:

  • If you have not experienced the style corruption bug while using eXtyles, then your version of Office has not updated to version 2010 build 13328.20292. We strongly recommend that you do not install this update until after we have released the eXtyles fix and you have installed it.
  • If you have experienced the style corruption bug while using eXtyles, currently the only way to continue using eXtyles is to back out the version 2010 build 13328.20292 update. You can back out installed updates via Windows Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > View Installed Updates.

    ℹ️ If you are having trouble backing out the update, you can follow the instructions in this FAQ to install the specific version of Word that you need.

We will update this FAQ and provide technical bulletins as we make progress on releasing an eXtyles fix for this bug.

Please reach out to eXtyles support (extyles-support@inera.com) with any questions or concerns.