When your working document contains a lot of paragraph and character styles, Microsoft Word will sometimes issue a warning during eXtyles processing:

Recording Clipboard style sheet will require copying many styles. Do you want to use Normal instead?

This is one warning that the Inera team has never been able to successfully suppress programmatically. The answer to this dialog should always be "No."

If you select "Yes," all paragraphs will be restyled with the Normal style, and unfortunately, this can not be undone via Undo. If your document has been re-styled with Normal, you can either close the document without saving, or revert to the previous $baseline file (you'll have to remove the "$base" from the file name before opening it).

The best way to prevent this dialog from re-appearing is to use Post-Processing Cleanup to run "Remove Unused Word Styles" to remove all the styles that are bloating the document and clipboard. Remember to Update Document Information to reload the eXtyles template styles back into your document.