Note: This FAQ applies only to eXtyles customers with PubMed Linking & Correction implemented. If you’re unsure, ask us!


NCBI has implemented a new requirement, API Keys, for software that queries PubMed, including eXtyles. API Keys are required as of December 1, 2018. To support this requirement, each eXtyles user must register for a My NCBI account, obtain an API Key, and add that key to the PC on which their copy of eXtyles is installed.


If you have not yet obtained the necessary API Keys and integrated them into eXtyles, you will see a noticeable slowdown in eXtyles PubMed Correction until you do so! However, there are other factors that could also cause a slowdown.


If you have already obtained and integrated your NCBI API Key, but are experiencing a significant slowdown in PubMed linking, here are some likely causes:


  • You are processing a very long reference list (try processing in batches!)
  • You are working with an unusually large file (try saving the reference list to a different file and processing it there!)
  • Your Internet connection is too slow, or is experiencing unusually high traffic (talk to your IT department!)
  • There is a problem with your local network or with your PC (talk to your IT department!)


If you have not already obtained and integrated your NCBI API Key, read on!


Each eXtyles user must follow these steps:


Obtain Your API Key

1. Register at for an account (if you don’t already have one) and obtain an API Key in that account by navigating to your account settings and scrolling down to the API Key Management section.


2. Click the “Create an API Key” button, and your key will appear as shown (redacted) below:


3. Highlight your API Key and copy it to the Windows clipboard.


Add your API Key to eXtyles

4. Open Windows Explorer and double-click on APIKeyStore.exe in the Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\eXtyles (for 64-bit Office) or C:\Program Files\eXtyles (for 32-bit Office).

Note: If you are unable to run the API KeyStore app by double-clicking on it, try right-clicking on the app and selecting Run as Administrator.


5. Paste your API Key into the first field of the form that appears:


6. Click “Save.”


7. Click “Exit.”


Your API Key is now integrated into your eXtyles configuration. You should also save your API Key in a safe place. If you move an eXtyles license to a different PC in the future, you’ll need to repeat steps 4–7 above on the new PC after installing eXtyles.


For more information about this requirement, see: