You can head off many of the most common eXtyles parsing errors and warnings by following these pre-export best practices:

1. Proof your paragraph styles! 

  •     Are the elements of your file in the correct order?
  •     Have any paragraph styles been used incorrectly?
  •     Are any paragraphs styled as Normal?

2. Be sure you have run required Advanced Processes.

  •     Citation Matching
  •     Author Processing

3. Pay attention to the comments eXtyles adds, and resolve them appropriately before exporting.

  • Resolve any Citation Matching warnings about references or objects (tables, figures, boxes, appendices...)

4. Proof your tables!

  •     All tables should be whole (no split tables).
  •     All tables should be placed correctly in the document

6. Double-check the metadata in the Document Information dialog.

  •     Is your metadata accurate?
  •     Are all the relevant fields filled in?