You may see the following error messages during Convert/Clean Numbered Citations, Check Numbered Citation Order, and Citation Matching:

The eXtyles server failed to convert the document


The eXtyles server is frozen. Please quit and restart Word.

You may also see these errors during a validating XML Export.

Those four processes require access to your user account Temp directory, and these error messages indicate that your Temp directory may be set to "Read only."

It is unusual for the Temp directory to be this restrictive, but we have seen this happen! To change the permissions settings on the Temp directory and allow eXtyles to access this location, please follow these directions (you *may* need IT/admin access to do this):

  1. Make sure you can see Hidden files and folders (see instructions here:
  2. Go to this location:
    C:/Users/your username/AppData/Local/Temp
  3. Find the EXTYLES folder, right-click it, and select Properties
  4. Select the Security tab, and then click Edit
  5. For all groups and usernames listed on the dialog, check the box for "Full Control" (this gives full permissions to all users), and click OK
  6. Uncheck the box next to "Read-only", and click OK