We typically see the following warning message when Word or another application on your computer has disabled key components of eXtyles as a "security precaution." As a result, the eXtyles menu is removed from the Word interface, and you see a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) error when you start Word:

Even after re-installing the software, the security setting remembers that it wants those component disabled; reinstalling eXtyles usually doesn't resolve the issue.

Word has disabled eXtyles

Users typically encounter this message after Word has crashed (and more often in Word 2013). The good news is this issue is pretty easy to fix! You can re-enable the disabled component in your Word settings:

  1. In Word, click Word, then Options to open your Word options menus.
  2. Click Add-ins.
  3. Select "Disabled Items" from the Manage menu at the bottom of the window, and click Go.
  4. Select "omml.dot", "extend.dot", and/or "icehook.dotm" if any are included in the Disabled Items dialog, and click Enable.
  5. Quit and restart Word.

If the eXtyles ribbon fails to load after completing the above steps, please check that the eXtyles ribbon template is not disabled by following these steps:

  1. In Word Options, click Add-ins.
  2. Select "Add-ins" from the Manage menu at the bottom of the window, and click Go.
  3. If "eXtylesRibbon.dotm" is unchecked, check that item, and then restart Word. 

Anti-virus software has disabled eXtyles

Recently, we have encountered cases where anti-virus software (for example, F-Secure and BitDefender) are disabling core components of eXtyles and preventing the application from loading in Word. In these cases, you will see the same Visual Basic error message. The same software may also prevent eXtyles from installing correctly; you may see additional error messages during installation, such as:

  • "The following error occurred on the file 'C:\Program Files\eXtyles\eXDownloader.exe' Access is denied"
  • "Feature Transfer Error: eXtyles Core. Error: Access is denied"

The problem will not be resolved by following the above steps to enable eXtyles in Word. Instead, add the eXtyles directory to your anti-virus software's exclusion list. This will prevent the software from putting eXtyles components in quarantine.

You may need permission and/or assistance from your IT department to configure your anti-virus software. For more information about anti-virus software and eXtyles, please see eXtyles Overview for IT Professionals.