A corrupt MathType object may trigger the following warning from Word during eXtyles processing:

Word was unable to write some of the embedded objects due to insufficient memory or disk space.

If the document has MathType equations, the warning may indicate that one or more of them is corrupt. To work with such a document in eXtyles, the corrupt MathType equation must be located, deleted, and re-keyed.

One strategy for locating a corrupt equation is the “binary search,” in which the corrupt equation is isolated by a progressive halving of the document. The procedure for a binary search in a Word document is as follows:

  • Copy and paste the first half of the document into a new Word document.
  • Save this new document as an RTF file (saving to RTF triggers the same problem as eXtyles processing).
  • If you were able to save the RTF successfully, read (a); if you were not, read (b):
    • The half of the document you just saved does not contain the corrupt equation. Return to step 2 with the second half of the original document.
    • The half of the document you just saved contains the corrupt equation. Divide this half of the document in half and return to step 2 until you locate the corrupt equation.
  • Once you have isolated the corrupt equation, delete this equation from the original document and re-key a new equation