A MathType translation error-14 occurs when an equation has been set up in a manner that prevents proper conversion from MathType format to MathML. Often, but not always, this error occurs when an author has incorrectly used superscript or subscript in part of the equation.

To resolve this problem, each equation associated with the error must be manually corrected in the Word document. Search for the following comment in the exported XML document and note which equation it precedes:


The part of the equation causing this error will be missing in the XML version of the equation when compared against the MathType version. To resolve the problem, correct the equation in Word with MathType, using MathType operations that are compatible with MathML. Once the equations have been corrected, the manuscript should export without error.

Note: MathType versions 6.5+ have an improved MathML translation that significantly reduces the incidence of these errors. If you are using a pre-6.5 MathType version with an eXtyles XML export, we recommend that you upgrade to the most recent release, 7.4.