Occasionally, an eXtyles paragraph style can become corrupted and "fuse" with a native Word style. At other times, an override to a native Word style can be saved as a new style, replacing the regular Word style. When either of these happens, the style name changes. For example, if the style "Abstract" fuses with the Word character style "Strong," the corrupted style may appear in the Word document as "Strong,Abstract." This means that the style "Abstract" is now treated as an alias of the build-in Word style "Strong". A fused paragraph style cannot be applied through the eXtyles Styling Palette, nor will can the styled paragraph be successfully processed by certain eXtyles functions. Fortunately, the solution is simple.

To fix a corrupted style:

  • Open the Word Styles window from the Quick Styles menu.
  • Right-click the corrupted style, and select Delete.
  • If the Word style cannot be deleted, click Modify and change the name of the style back to the default Word style name (e.g., change "Strong,Abstract" back to "Strong")
  • Click Update Document Information and click OK to reload the eXtyles style template. The eXtyles style should be back to normal.