There may be times when Inera support needs to take a look at your computer screen to better understand what might be causing the problem you’re experiencing with eXtyles.

The Inera support team prefers to use a screen-share program called Glance to facilitate these support sessions. Glance is a secure visual engagement platform that enables the Inera support agent to both view and, if necessary, navigate your screen.

The audio portion of your support session can be either via telephone or Skype. If you prefer Skype, please share your Skype ID with the Inera support agent with whom you are working.

If you have been asked to participate in a screen-share support session, you will be given the following information: (1) a URL to the Glance screen-share session and (2) the telephone number or Skype ID of the Inera support agent with whom you will be working.

Once the audio portion of the support session has started, perform the following steps to start the screen-share.

1. Go to the Glance URL that you were given by the Inera support agent

2. Put in the session key that the agent will give you

3. Follow the prompts to download, install, and run the software

This should start your Glance screen-share session. However, if it does not:

4. Go back to your active Internet browser and refresh the Glance URL

5. You should now see a dialog box with the prompt to allow [Inera agent] to view your screen

6. Click “Allow”